2017,2018,2019 Arkansas top Team
2017,2018,2019 All South Midwest Coach of the Year


Thank you for inquiring about being a part of Prestige Physiques. Our only goal on this team is to be better every day. From our every day life, to the stage, we strive to improve our overall health and crush our goals. I have clients from every spectrum of life and it truly is an honor to walk alongside them. If it’s pounds you want to lose, we have lost many. If it’s titles you want to win, we have plenty of those as well. No matter the goal, it is never too big or too small with my team. Come be a part of “The Winning Way”!


When it comes to my clients success at reaching their goals I take it very personal. Every single person that signs up gets my all of my attention. We will set the goals and then go to work together. I will outline and personalize everything you will need To be successful. It will be very important that all your nutrition, cardio, training, and supplementation align properly for the goals. We will have scheduled check-ins where we will communicate and I look at your pictures to make any adjustments to the plan. It doesn’t matter if the goal is to be a Pro Bodybuilder or just be healthier in your everyday life I will work tirelessly for you. I take full responsibility for every one of my clients success.

If you are prepping for a show, I have been there so I know what you are going through. I will walk every step of the way making things as smooth as I can. I will carry the worry and stress for you so all that you focus on is following the plan to get better every day to look your best on stage.

One fun thing about being apart of Prestige Physiques is the option to be apart of our Group Me thread. We have a lot of fun communicating with each other. Each person helps motivate the next and follow along with the journey. We work hard but we also play hard. It really is a fun aspect to this team.